Posted by: Rob Lester | December 8, 2010

Fossil graveyards testify to a global Flood

If the Biblical Flood of Noah really happened, wouldn’t we expect to find billions of fossils in sedimentary rock layers? Yes, and we in fact do. There are massive fossil graveyards all around the world which bear evidence of billions of creatures being drowned and buried in the churning mud, silt, and lime which would have accompanied the flood of Genesis 7. The Redwall Limestone formation in the Grand Canyon contains fossils of squid-like nautiloids. This layer is several feet thick and extends across AZ and into NV for 180 miles. Shale layers in both France and near Chicago contain millions of marine creatures buried along with freshwater and even land-dwelling creatures. Also buried are insects and plant life such as ferns. The Green River formation in Wyoming contains fossils of marine fish, birds, mammals, and giant palm leaves. At Fossil Bluff on the northern coast of Tasmania, there are remains of marine creatures and whales buried alongside a possum! Possums are not generally considered ocean-dwellers. So what brought these widely varied species of sea, land, and plant life together? Only a global flood could have created these enormous fossil graveyards all across the surface of the earth.


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