Posted by: Rob Lester | December 15, 2010

Which came first—the egg or its design?

A chicken’s egg is a wonder of design. It contains over 10,000 tiny holes which allow the developing chick to breathe while the shell protects it. We would look at a shell with holes as a poor design, but it’s critically important for the chick’s survival. Blood vessels which run from the chick to the shell’s membrane also allow CO2 to be vented outside the shell. If this does not happen, the gas will kill the chick before it hatches. By the nineteenth day, the chick is too large to survive only on the oxygen which comes through the shell membrane. Anyone who ever boiled an egg knows there is a flat spot at one end. That is where God placed a membrane with a 6-hour supply of air for the chick. The chick comes equipped with an “egg-tooth” (which is, again, designed by God). This tooth allows him to pierce the membrane and crack a hole in the outer shell during this 6-hour window. Then the chick can breathe outside air until it breaks completely out within the next day or so. Some questions arise for Darwinists. How did the chicken know it needed to make an egg with holes in it? Even if it knew, how could it then manufacture one? How did the chicken know to build an air sac within the egg or how much air it needed to contain? How does the chick know there is air in there and how does it know it needs to grow an egg-tooth to break out? If any of these (and several other) developmental stages are missing, the chick will die. Everything fits too perfectly for it to be left up to random chance and millions of years. As for the question of “which came first—the chicken or the egg,” Christians know the answer. The chicken was created by God during the creation week according to Genesis chapter one. It was created with the ability to safely reproduce right from the very beginning and to lay eggs which would not kill its offspring.

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