Posted by: Rob Lester | December 17, 2010

“Faith” in the Oort cloud

Astronomers once believed that comets were formed at the same time all other things were, soon after the Big Bang. Comets lose their mass as they travel through space, though. The “tail” we see is debris coming off the body of the comet. Eventually, all the mass of a comet will be burned up. Astronomers who believe that the objects in our solar system are nearly 5 billion years old have a problem. All the comets we see should be long gone. They attempted to explain this by coming up with the Oort Cloud. Named after the man who dreamed it up, it is theoretically an immense body of comets which lurk beyond the orbit of Pluto. Astronomers now realize that there wasn’t enough material to form the sun, solar system, and the Oort cloud too. They now believe that even as massive as the cloud has been theorized to be, our solar system still should have run out of comets by now. So, rather than discard this obviously flawed theory, they have doubled down on it. A new study reported in Time magazine in 2010 proposes that astronomers have been wrong (again) and the material for the Oort cloud must have come from other solar systems. Let the reader be reminded that the Oort cloud has never been observed, only theorized. The theory only became necessary because of a preconceived belief that the solar system is too old for comets to still exist. Why not alter the theory in light of the evidence to say the solar system is obviously much younger than previously thought? Because that would mean taking a step toward a young earth and Biblical creation. Evolutionary scientists fear to do that. They would rather put their “faith” in an unseen, unobserved celestial cloud. Yet, faith in God is ridiculed as being unscientific. There is far more measurable, observable evidence for a Creator than for Dr. Oort’s mysterious cloud. Rom. 1:20 says the evidence for God is seen in His creation.,8599,1995914,00.html


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