Posted by: Rob Lester | December 29, 2010

Transcontinental sedimentary layers attest to Flood

You sometimes hear of archaeological evidence which supports the Bible. A scroll, monument, or piece of pottery which matches up with something recorded in the Bible. But there is just as much real, physical evidence of the truth of the Bible in the natural world. If there really was a worldwide flood as recorded in Gen. 7, we would expect to find billions of fossils of plant and animal life buried rapidly in layers of mud, sand, and lime. That is exactly what we do find. These layers stretch across the entire globe. The lower layers of the Grand Canyon contain the Tapeats Sandstone which is part of the Sauk megasequence. This thick layer of sedimentary rock covers much of the continental U.S. In this sandstone layer is sand (obviously) and also large boulders. What massive forces could have tumbled large boulders and sand together? Millions of years of slow, gradual buildup cannot explain this. Only catastrophic forces like a global flood with massive wave and tectonic action could form these layers. The Chalk Beds of southern England have been made famous by the white Cliffs of Dover where the chalk beds meet the sea. These same chalk beds can be traced across France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, southern Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe to Turkey, then to Israel and Egypt in the Middle East, and even as far as Kazakhstan. They can be identified because the layers above and below them are the same everywhere. Coal beds from the Upper Carboniferous era stretch from Texas to the Caspian Sea in the former Soviet Union. This is evidence that layers of sediment (minerals moved by water) covered major portions of the earth’s surface at the same time. Geologists who insist on millions of years are baffled by these findings, but the flood of the Bible explains this perfectly.



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