Posted by: Rob Lester | December 31, 2010

A lesson on “artist’s renderings”

NY Times Science News article headline Oct. 6, 2010: “Footprint fossils offer earliest evidence of dinosaurs’ ancestors.” The article begins, “The earliest known relatives of dinosaurs were the size of a house cat, walked on four legs and left footprints in the quarries in Poland…Dr. Sterling Nesbitt, a researcher at the Burke Museum at the University of Washington, said that it was often hard to draw convincing conclusions about animals just from their footprints… So far, no dinosaur bones have been found in the rocks, but ‘the possibilities are really exciting,’ said Stephen Brusatte, a graduate student at Columbia University and lead author of the journal article.”  He goes on to say, “Anatomically, for all intents and purposes, it was a dinosaur. If you saw this thing, you would call it a dinosaur.” But NO ONE saw it! Not even him! So the scattered tracks in the first picture (click for larger view) led to the drawing in the second, complete with elongated head, spots, etc. No bones or other supporting evidence have been found. This is nothing more than pure assumption based upon what the feet MAY have looked like. Reminiscent of Nebraska Man (hairy caveman drawn from one pig tooth). Beware of artist’s renderings. Visual images are powerful and can impact our thinking. We must always view the world through the only lens of absolute truth that exists: the Bible. Mankind may be in error or flat-out lying, but God’s word remains true.


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