Posted by: Rob Lester | January 3, 2011

Chinese chin upsets human evolution

In 2007, National Geographic News reported that a lower jawbone (mandible) had been found in China’s Zhiren cave. Answers In Genesis wrote that “its ‘prominent’ chin led researchers to believe it was from a relatively modern human. The problem is that the fossil has been dated at far older than it ‘should’ be, according to existing theories. In fact, at an estimated 100,000 years old, the bone is 60,000 years older than any other Homo sapiens remains in China—and 40,000 years older than the date when [evolutionary theory says—RL] modern humans left Africa.” Of course, I disagree with those dates, but they spell trouble for those believing in human evolution from apes over millions of years. The same scientists who were wrong about when and where modern humans first showed up said here that the Chinese jawbone is undeniably 60,000 years older than the next oldest Homo sapiens remains in China.” How can we trust this boldly stated fact won’t be proven false with a later discovery? And the whole reason they think this is a modern human (Homo sapiens) is because of its “prominent chin.” What if they found Jay Leno’s grave? Might they someday classify his remains as some different species of human? Take a grain of salt with every news article that offers new “proof” that we descended from apes. The facts which every “real scientist” KNOWS today may change tomorrow.


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