Posted by: Rob Lester | January 10, 2011

Is morality “all in our heads?”

One of the most powerful evidences for the existence of God is called the “Moral Argument.” Atheistic evolution cannot explain why we do things to our disadvantage just because they seem “right” to us in a moral sense. Atheists dodge this argument by saying morals are not universal and are different in various societies. They say it is merely a learned social behavior which provides the long term survival benefit of an orderly community. But there are some moral absolutes which are disapproved of in every society, such as cowardice and crimes against children. A recent study found that morality could be affected by magnetic stimulation. A magnetic pulse was given to subjects and they were then asked to make judgments about whether certain situations were “right” or “wrong.”  The answers varied with the magnetic pulse. This study suggests that morality is at least in some part connected with the physiological function of our brains. To put it another way, a sense of “right and wrong” is (at least partly) hard-wired into our brains. It cannot simply be a product of learned social behavior. Morality is an integral and inborn part of the human mind. The question must be asked—where did our sense of morality come from if it is part of our biological brain function? Morality can only come from a moral source. In our case, that source is our Creator. God is the Supreme Morality. We are made in His image.

Original article:

Also see: Magnets ‘Can Modify Our Morality’”         AIG News to Note 4/3/10


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