Posted by: Rob Lester | February 7, 2011

Marvelous design of bifocal bug

The Aug. 24, 2010 cover story of the journal Current Biology is an article about the eyes of the larvae of the sunburst diving beetle. This larva has 12 eyes, but in a study done by University of Cincinnati researchers, four of the eyes have been found to contain a complex bifocal system. The article explains, “that using two retinas and two distinct focal planes that are substantially separated, the larvae can more efficiently use these bifocals, compared with the glasses that humans wear, to switch their vision from up-close to distance.” Researchers are hopeful that this discovery will have useful applications in “biomedical engineering…and imaging technology.” Modern eye doctors may think they are clever with their designs of bifocal glasses and even contact lenses, but we see once again how man’s attempt to recreate or improve on God’s creation falls far short and seems clumsy in comparison. One puzzling aspect of this is that only the larvae possess these amazing eyes. They lose these eyes after their metamorphosis into beetles. Why would “nature” go to all the trouble of developing these complex eyes through random mutation only to have the adult beetle lose them? Wouldn’t this be a significant beneficial mutation to pass onto their offspring? We may assume that God, the real Designer, knows more about these beetles and their survival needs than we do. After all, He made them. We can trust that He gave them what they needed to survive and thrive in all stages of their lives. We can trust all He said about His creation and everything else.­ /releases/2010/08/100823121935.html


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