Posted by: Rob Lester | February 14, 2011

Sandstone sources from the Flood

Coconino Sandstone is the buff-colored layer seen in the walls of the Grand Canyon. “It has an average thickness of 315 feet, covers an area of at least 200,000 square miles, and thus contains at least 10,000 cubic miles of sand.” The sand grains are pure quartz and there is no nearby source of quartz sand for these sandstone beds. The sand must have come from far away. In the rock, we see wave patterns like sand dunes. The slopes of the “waves” point to the south, indicating the water that deposited the sand flowed from the north. The Navajo Sandstone formation of southern Utah also consists of very pure quartz sand and it also contains remnants of sand “waves.” By tracing the zircon in the grains, evidence indicates that the sand came from the Appalachians of Pennsylvania and New York, even as far away as Canada. If this is true, the sand grains were transported about 1,250 miles across North America. No river is capable of carrying sand across the entire North American continent over a period of millions of years. Therefore, it could only have been done by water covering an area even bigger than the continental U.S. “The evidence is overwhelming that the water was flowing in one direction. More than half a million measurements have been collected from 15,615 North American localities, recording water current direction indicators throughout the geologic record. The evidence indicates that water moved sediments across the entire continent, from the east and northeast to the west and southwest throughout the so-called Paleozoic [era]. This general pattern continued on up into the Mesozoic [era], when the Navajo Sandstone was deposited. How could water be flowing across the North American continent consistently for hundreds of millions of years? Absolutely impossible!” But it is possible that massive amounts of water flowed across the entire surface of the world for a period of months which created the rock formations we see today. Not only is it possible, but the Bible tells us that this is exactly what happened.


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