Posted by: Rob Lester | April 4, 2011

Did Noah’s flood start in Canada?

Archaeologists have recently discovered ruins of ancient settlements around the coastline of the Persian Gulf. They believe that these habitations were submerged when the Persian Gulf was flooded sometime around 8,000 years ago. The theory concerning the source of the flood is quite interesting. “The new theory, advanced in the latest issue of the journal Current Anthropology by University of Birmingham archeologist Jeffrey Rose, offers the clearest picture yet of what may have been lost at the Middle East nexus of human civilization when Canada’s Lake Agassiz [an ancient meltwater basin covering central Canada and holding 15 times the water volume of Lake Superior] suddenly burst its banks 8,000 years ago…There’s a consensus among scientists that the collapse of [the] kilometers-high glacial dam at the end of the last ice age caused a massive outflow of meltwater into the Arctic or North Atlantic Ocean near Hudson Bay, generating a sharp rise in sea levels around the world.” Some archaeologists were connecting this flooding of the Persian Gulf to the Sumerian account called the Epic of Gilgamesh. Some believe this story inspired the later account of a global flood in the biblical book of Genesis, but evidence favors the Bible account coming first and inspiring the Sumerian version (as well as other flood stories around the world). The idea of a global flood once was laughed at by geologists. Now there is a growing consensus. And they are no longer talking in “millions” of years, but in thousands. They are getting ever closer to a biblical timescale.  

Boswell, Randy. “Massive Canadian melt may have triggered flood of biblical proportions.”

Postmedia NewsDecember 10, 2010



  1. Not archeologists but Geologists and scientists such as Dr Glenn Milne, an expert in sea level rise. What many people do not seem to understand or at least be able to take in is that there were devestating ice ages throughout the last 10,000 years. This stopped modern Humans in Africa travelling out of Africa, because the cold was so severe. When there were warm periods these people managed to come out of Africa at the Gulf of Grief about 84,000 years ago. They were beach combers and ate fish and shell fish. At this time there were thousands of square kilometeres more land than now and the ocean was 150 meters lower than it is now. Huge blocks of ice were over Canada and Scandanavia. About 24,000 years ago this began to melt slowly and then freeze again. The cold was at it’s height 18,000 years ago and then began to melt slowly. Three times at before 14,000yrs ago, there was alot of heat from the sun which caused a large melt. Then another, at 11,000 years ago with another small ice age freezing it up for a time and then another at 8,000 to 7,500 years ago. These were sudden melts on top of the slow melting. When there are sudden melt of huge amounts of ice, this causes lakes to form and dams to build up. If these dams burst, the result is catastrophic tsunamis, parvies, which are land raisings, and earthquakes which cause devastating floods. People that could tell stories which were learnt like the Holy koran passed these stories down until they could be written down. Utnapishtim lived before the civilisations of Mesopotamia and he witnessed the floods and survived them. Abraham also knew about them and they were eventually written down in Genesis. The Rig Veda in the Indus Valley also told of them three times when they inundated the connections to Sri Lanka and other lands in South India. These were eventually written down. The Mahabharata also records them. These floods moved from Canada, drowned the Sunda shelf in three consectutive floods, india, and Mesopotamia. The Mediterranean and the Atlantic were of course also affected, but not all records were kept.

    • Interesting. I was unaware of some of those ancient flood versions you mentioned. I would like to see the referenced sources to check further. Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog and comment!

    • Cynthia,
      The activities you describe (tsunamis, land raisings, and earthquakes) would have accompanied and increased the effects of the initial rainfall. This process is described in the Bible as “breaking up the fountains of the deep.” The effect would have been unimaginable and helps explain the striking geological features of the earth today.

  2. What else is interesting is how the Scablands, WA were formed. It happened very similarly to the Canadian account. Super cooled water burst from a giant glacial lake in Missoula, MT and what ensued was a torrent of water that stretched across the continental US to the Pacific Ocean. I was surprised to watch this documentary in a public college because the video actually mentioned that this sort of event could be an explanation for the Biblical flood. Which would also make sense because we know that God can do what he wants whenever he wants, but he usually chooses to go through the natural order that he has set in place. The evidence is compelling.

    The documentary can be easily found. It’s called, Nova: The mystery of the Megaflood.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I was not familiar with this documentary. It sounds interesting. Funny how a flood of “biblical” proportions doesn’t sound as silly to geologists as it once did. They are increasingly turning to catastophism.

  3. I have two immediate thoughts about this that bother me.

    1) Doesn’t the Bible specifically mention rain, not an overflowed lake due to melt water?

    2) For this event to correlate literally with the biblical record doesn’t it need to have produced enough water to cover the entire earth? Mountains included. Once the lake water had spread out, where did the extra water come from to fill up the globe to mountain depth?

  4. 1) The Bible describes massive rainfall, the opening of “the windows of heaven” and the breaking up of the “fountains of the deep.” Either of these could have triggered the sudden bursting of the dam of Lake Agassiz. The meltwater may have filled the Lake, but God released it.

    2) I never stated (nor did the researchers) that the outflow of this one lake was responsible for the flooding of the entire earth over the highest mountaintop. They have only found evidence to report on this one lake in connection with the Persian Gulf. There may well have been others that God incorporated into His flooding of the earth that we haven’t found evidence of YET. The main point of my post was to show how catastrophism was once laughed at by uniformitarianists, but now geologists are increasingly turning to catastrophism as a way to explain what we see around us. Drawing ever closer to what the Bible has stated clearly and CONSISTENTLY for a very long time.

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