Posted by: Rob Lester | August 10, 2011

Young carbon in “old” rocks

ScienceDaily (May 21, 2011): “Carbon found within ancient rocks has played a crucial role developing a time line for the emergence of biological life on the planet billions of years ago. But applying cutting-edge technology to samples of ancient rocks from northern Canada has revealed the carbon-based minerals may be much younger than the rock they inhabit, a team of researchers report in the latest edition of the journal Nature Geoscience.” Or, it may mean that both the carbon AND the rock are much younger than old-earth geologists previously assumed. Professor Dominic Papineau, a co-author of the report admitted, “The carbon in the graphite is not as old as the rock. That can only ring a bell and require us to ask if we need to reconsider earlier studies.” Here is where evolution apologists cry out, “See? Science is self-correcting. New research modifies old understanding. That’s how it’s supposed to work.” Yes, but the problem is that evolutionary science is so very often proven to be wrong! It is so easily challenged because it is based upon assumptions (often, false ones). As welcome as the admission from Professor Papineau is, there is little hope that this will result in a fundamental change in the methodology of evolutionary theory. One bad scientific “guess” is only going to be exchanged for another biased guess. ScienceDaily reports, a new set of assumptions may be required when using the presence of carbon to date milestones in Earth’s evolution.” One source of information about the origin of life has remained consistent for 3,500 years. The Bible has never been contradicted by observable, testable science.



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