Posted by: Rob Lester | September 17, 2011

Sandy Beaches Formed by Flood

Some don’t see how sandy beaches could exist if the earth is not millions of years old. The belief is that grains of sand are made from lava and metamorphic rock which are deposited on beaches over millions of years of erosion. Answers in Genesis offered this bit of history as a rebuttal: “In 1963, volcanic eruptions on the seafloor adjacent to Iceland produced a new island, which was called Surtsey… within a few months, erosion by the ocean produced a coastline with beaches covered in sand. In fact, within a year or two the island had become vegetated and populated with insects and animals. It didn’t take thousands of years for either the beaches to form or the island to be populated.”  Someone using uniformitarian assumptions would conclude that the island must have existed for many thousands, if not millions, of years. But recorded human observation disproves this faulty theory. There was not any human observation of billions of years of slow, gradual erosion anywhere else on the earth either. There is only assumption and speculation. Recorded human history also tells of another, bigger event than what occured in Iceland—the Flood of Noah. The destructive power of nearly a year of massive water flow is beyond imagination. The tremendous power of flowing water was seen on a comparably tiny scale at the Glen Canyon Dam spillway in 1983 [see link below]. “The water flows [of the Flood] would have been similar to what was witnessed at the Glen Canyon Dam, so the rapid erosion of rocks would have produced huge volumes of sand, which dumped offshore and on the coastline to form the sandy beaches and the immediate sandy offshore areas.” The existence of sandy beaches fits perfectly with the information found in the Bible.



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