Posted by: Rob Lester | February 1, 2012

Evolution makes you nauseated? You’re not alone!

Many pregnant women report that certain smells and tastes were unbearable during their pregnancy. Daniel Fessler, an anthropologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, investigated why this might occur and found a connection with the hormone progesterone. Researchers found that “As progesterone levels went up, so did sensitivity to disgust. An important function of progesterone, Dr. Fessler said, is that it dials down an early-warning part of the immune system, inflammation, which might prevent the embryo, or conceptus, from implanting itself in the placenta…‘Left to its own, the maternal immune system would destroy the conceptus.’ So, he and his colleagues reason, while the body turns down the dial on one kind of protection, it turns it up on disgust, another kind of defense.” The reasoning is that a heightened sensitivity could encourage pregnant mothers to avoid potentially harmful susbstances which could damage the developing baby. Of course, the article credited this wondrous process to evolution. But it is not evolution; it is design. This had to work perfectly from the very first baby. Mothers could not simply think to themselves, “Hmmm. My babies keep dying. I need to develop a stronger sense of disgust so I don’t ingest things harmful to my baby.” It also shows the amazing design of the human body so the mother’s immune system doesn’t reject the baby. Again, this had to happen from the first baby or there would not be any descendants to pass this trait on to. Neither the disgust response nor the suppression of the mother’s immune system could slowly evolve over time. They had to work flawlessly right from the start. That is why God designed it that way.


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