Posted by: Rob Lester | February 12, 2012

Did the High Priest Keep the Nails?

On April 12, 2011, a news conference was held in Jerusalem by a man named Simcha Jacobovici. In it, he claimed to possess the nails which were hammered into the hands of Jesus at His crucifixion. Jacobovici hosts a tabloid-style television show called “The Naked Archaeologist.” He claims to have found the nails inside an ossuary (bone box) in southern Jerusalem. The ossuary is inscribed with the name “Caiaphas” who was the High Priest that delivered Jesus to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate to be crucified. Whether this is the same Caiaphas or not remains to be seen. Jacobovici speculates that the family of Caiaphas had the nails buried with him because of the belief they had magical powers. Those involved with the excavation have confirmed that there were neither any adult bones in the ossuary, nor were there any nails inside. The belief that nails of a crucified victim contained healing powers was a pagan superstition which would have been very unseemly for a High Priest of the Jewish temple. Also, the nails mysteriously “disappeared” for about 20 years after the initial excavation and were only recently “rediscovered” prompting the news conference. Jacobovici’s nails are less than three inches long, however, which is far too short to hold the weight of a man on the cross. The true artifacts always match with Bible truth and offer corroboration of God’s word. While archaeology can be helpful in verifying Bible history, it can also be used to perpetrate fraud. Our eagerness to verify biblical accounts should never cause us to take shortcuts or accept unverified claims. We must be careful not to swallow ANY sensational discovery without careful examination.


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