Posted by: Rob Lester | March 12, 2012

Dinosaur death-pose: Just add water

Complete dinosaur fossils are rare and very exciting when found. They shed light on what their whole bodies looked like and even how they may have died. Fossil fish have been found with other fish in their mouth. They died while still eating their last meal. Often, when complete dinosaurs are found, they have their head and tail arched radically backwards. Paleontologists have long been curious about the “opisthotonic death posture” as it is known in scientific circles. Two recent and separate studies (one at BYU and another in Switzerland) immersed chicken carcasses into cool water and got shocking results. “The teams independently concluded that the ligaments in chicken necks were like rubber bands — bendable, but contracted by default to hold the bird’s head upright against gravity. In the dead chicken, those ligaments still want to return to their natural, unstretched position, but the dead weight of the bird fights against it. In water, however, buoyancy and lack of friction allow the ligaments to contract into their natural shape, cranking the neck backward as they go.” Researchers even laid dead chickens out in the sun to see if the heads would bend backward. They did not, so the water is the key ingredient. BYU paleontologist Dr. Brooks Britt said that “a long-standing debate has been solved—just add water.” So, large land animals were immersed in water, died, and were covered by layers of sediment before they could decompose or be eaten by scavengers. This research fits perfectly with a catastrophic, global flood like the one recorded in the Bible.



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