Posted by: Rob Lester | April 3, 2012

Kingfishers: Bullet-train birds

Japan uses many “bullet” trains which travel at nearly 200 mph, but not without problems. When the trains go through tunnels, the air ahead of the train compresses which creates a sonic boom as the train exits the other end. One of the engineers on the project considered a possible solution from an unusual source. “He had witnessed a kingfisher bird diving down through the air, going into the water and creating very little splash. So he thought, I wonder if I could apply this principle to the shape of the front of the bullet train. And so they did model the front of the train like the kingfisher’s face. And sure enough when they tried out that new model, it moved through without creating the boom.” It turns out that the pressure change from air to water which the bird experiences is very similar to the rapidly compressed air in a train tunnel. Not only did the new design reduce the noise, but it also made the trains 15% faster and 15% more energy-efficient. They even modeled the train’s recessed headlights after the kingfisher’s nostrils. Just another case of man copying off of God’s paper. One researcher even declared, “We are surrounded by genius.” Indeed. The genius of the Designer of the universe.




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