Posted by: Rob Lester | June 4, 2012

Another Bird-brained Theory

T. rex is the subject of many an online joke or cartoon because of its big head and little arms.
But now some scientists are saying birds evolved with little heads and big arms which, somehow (*wink*), turned into wings. A recent New York Times Science News article (linked below) begins with yet another disappointing example of evolutionist overstatement and assumption. “It is well accepted that birds evolved from dinosaurs.” Uh, not really. This is a prime example of the aphorism that if you repeat a lie often enough and with conviction, people will begin to accept it as truth. Here are some recent articles related to the hot debate among paleontologists about this topic:
The article continues: “Some subtle genetic change slowed or stopped the development of the skull as a bird embryo grew in the shell and after hatching. The body kept on growing and changing proportions, but the skull changed only in size. It did not change in shape. As a result, the skulls of birds look like those of baby dinosaurs.” This led the scientists involved in this research to develop a “working hypothesis that as birds evolved, their growth patterns changed so they kept a juvenile skull shape their whole life.” Sounds an awful lot like Earnst Haeckel’s long-discredited embryology hoax (which is still strangely persistent in science textbooks and articles Haeckel’s recapitulation theory claimed that all embryos pass through the same stages of development (fish, reptiles, pigs, chickens, even humans). The theory has been disproven for 150 years. It would be like a scientist today using geocentrism or Piltdown Man as a basis of research. James Gorman, the author of the article, says, “The change from dinosaur to bird is one of those grand evolutionary shifts.” But they are saying here that it resulted from stunted or retarded growth in their skulls. Not exactly a “grand evolutionary shift.” Evolution is supposed to be a steady march toward more advanced and sophisticated organisms, not genetic degradation and stunted development. That sounds more like creationism which affirms that all life began in a perfectly created state but has been ruined by the entrance of sin and death. Are evolutionists actually admitting that creationists may be on to something? The irony is apparent when you pair the opening statement of the article “It is well accepted that birds evolved from dinosaurs” with a frank admission by Dr. Mark Norell (a member of the research team): “It’s a common thing to argue it, but it’s a difficult thing to show.” Indeed it is!


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