Posted by: Rob Lester | July 14, 2012

Day doesn’t mean day—except when it does

I am always puzzled by the gear-shifting exegesis attempted in Genesis 1:14 by those who refuse to accept that the days of creation are literal, 24-hour days. God said that the sun/moon/stars would be to measure “seasons, days, and years.” Old earth creationists, theistic evolutionists (and atheistic evolutionists) proceed this way: “OK. Seasons are obviously seasons. We’ll admit that this is literal and normal. But wait! *jerky gearshift in the middle of a sentence* Days must be figurative and allegorical. It cannot be literal in meaning. OK *jerky gearshift* now it goes back to normal and years are actual years.” That’s the worst kind of intellectual dishonesty. That’s making the word of God say what you want it to say. It’s called eisegesis. But answer this question honestly: If “days” are not normal 24-hour days, but are unspecified long periods of time, what, pray tell, are seasons and years? And don’t forget that God said the lights were to “separate the day from the night.” If day doesn’t mean the lighted portion of a normal 24-hour day, what then, is “night”?

 We measure seasons by movements of the sun and moon (e.g. solstices). We measure years as 365 periods of daytime and nighttime. The position of the sun even tells us we need to add a quarter-day every four years. We speak every day of the common measurement of day and night. The first occurrence of the word ‘day’ (Hebrew yom) appears in Genesis 1:5. “God called the light ‘day’ and the darkness He called ‘night.’ And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” The very first time the word ‘day’ is used, God Himself defines it for us as one cycle of sequential periods of light and dark. God could not have spoken more clearly or plainly. Just because men have attempted to confuse the matter is no reason to refuse to accept God’s straightforward definition. It’s not that difficult, people. Really.



  1. Thank you, brother, for stating the facts reasonably and without deception. Since God made “time” to help us understand the purpose of Creation – to ultimately give glory to HIM – it seems important (vital?) to comprehend the significance of the passage of time into eternity. The future is brightest for those who love and trust our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    • But the Rock strata of the Earth indicates that the earth can’t be only 6,000 years old. we get the 4.5 Gya age because of the rock strata telling us the earth is very very old as well as calculations of how much energy the Sun has left in it as opposed to how much it had to have already spent by fusion. Furthermore, more evidence of the “ancient earth” is found observing the formation of other solar systems in the cosmos… they aren’t being created in 7 literal 24 hour days and the humble man would say that our solar system is no more special save by our own perspective… this solar system, to use secularists, is only special to us because we live here. We don’t, however, see this system as being any more special than any other system out there… it kinda of bothers me to think we got the fast track on everything and are a special holy place as opposed to other places….

      And it has occurred to me that if creationism is in fact true and genesis is fact, then we surely are not worthy of that special fast-track. of creation and evolution…. why are we so much more special than any other intelligent race out there? And why can’t other intelligent races out there be made in “god’s image” as well? The bible leaves us no answer on the matter. So many questions yet to be answered and quantified.

      • Ayeka Kel,
        I appreciate you taking the time to comment. The rock strata do not “tell” us anything. They cannot speak. We must observe and determine what the evidence indicates. Circular reasoning plays heavily into dating the strata. Paleontologists date fossils by the strata they are found in. Geologists date strata by the fossils found in them. Newly-laid strata have been dated to be millions of years old by the usual methods. See
        Radiometric dating is fraught with errors and assumptions. The rate of the sun’s energy decay is also a subject of “hot” debate among astrophysicists. The Bible doesn’t disallow the existence of other intelligent creatures. It simply tells the account of God’s creation of humans. It does present some interesting theological questions if there are other intelligent races. And as sinful creatures we certainly are not worthy of any special “fast-track.” It is only God’s grace which provides our special place in the universe. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Genesis is a creation myth that’s true.

    Science has verified that the Universe (matter, energy, time and the Laws) have not always existed but sprang from nothing in an instant. It expanded, or rolled out like a scroll, and the Earth was at first a formless, lifeless cloud of hot gasses. The atmosphere and oceans then formed, then the land. Then life appeared in discrete phases, with humans appearing last. And it predicts the Universe will roll back up, like a scroll, some day.

    The ancient Hebrews could not have understood what a billion years meant, nor a Gallaxy nor Oort Cloud, etc. However, they could understand the true myth in Genesis. It’s a perfectly simple allegory for what happened.

    • Li,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. You seem to have missed the entire point of my post. There were plenty of words in the Hebrew language to indicate a long, undefined period of time. The ancient Hebrews were not so stupid or unsophisticated that they couldn’t understand the concept. God clearly chose to say it how He did for a reason. I hope you will read other articles on this blog under categories like “Big Bang” and also consider websites like Answers in Genesis. They will show you that it is an utter impossibility to reconcile the Bible creation record and long ages of time. Thanks again for your comment and I hope you will continue to read the blog. God bless!

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