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My name is Rob Lester. I am a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This blog is intended to encourage critical thinking and honest pursuit of truth wherever the hard evidence may lead. Please consider the information presented here with an open mind and allow the facts to speak for themselves. These are little snippets I share with my congregation every Sunday before my sermon.  They are intended to inform (and maybe amuse a bit), but primarily I want to encourage people to be confident in the Bible. The more research I do into observable, repeatable, objective science, the more I become convinced of the truth and accuracy of God’s inspired word. My goal with this blog is that visitors will be challenged to think critically about whatever they believe. I pray that everyone will follow the evidence with an unbiased eye and go where it leads. I don’t want to make up anyone’s mind for them, I just want to provide some information that doesn’t always get the proper attention.  I will suggest and inform, but try to leave the interpretation up to the reader. Just think hard about which viewpoint the evidence leans toward. Thank you in advance for your willingness to be challenged.



  1. Here is a dialogue which may help clear up my statements on the blog:

    Sean Bent: on the sections labelled “puroses of this site it says: ” This blog is intended to encourage critical thinking and honest pursuit of truth wherever the hard evidence may lead. Please consider the information presented here with an open mind and allow the facts to speak for themselves. Have the courage to ask hard questions and demand objectivity… See More.”

    excuse me, but this website does none of these things.
    1. it is not in any way objective, it is completely biased.
    2. it does not encourage critical thinking, but states that the bible is never wrong.
    3. the author is not pen minded in any way, so telling the readers to be open-minded is completely hypocritical.
    4. it does not in any way allo the facts to spek for themselves, but forces the opinions of the author on the readers

    My (Rob’s) response was:
    1. Objectivity is impossible then, because evolutionists view everything through the lens of Darwin and this colors their interpetation of the evidence. Creationists have bias too, we just admit ours. I can still be objective and believe the Bible is true. If not, then Darwinists cannot be objective and still reject the supernatural. Sword cuts both ways.
    2. I have arrived at the conclusion that the Bible is divine and infallible through honest, objective evaluation of the evidence for its infallibility. I’m sure you would disagree, but this is what the evidence proved to me in my investigation. I was not always a Bible-believer.
    3. I am open-minded. If you would search the archives on my site you would see dissenting evidence I have provided for the “other side’s” argument when it has merit. I have edited and even removed posts which were based on research or data which was later disproven. This is a rarity in evolutionist practice.
    4. I try very hard to present the data and articles as I find them. I DO offer my own suggestions as to the ramifications of the data. I try to take the implications to the logical conclusion which is often destructive to Darwinism. I do try to keep the smug sarcasm to a minimum, but forgive me if I try to amuse as I inform.

  2. One last word on “encouraging critical thinking.” I am equally appalled by creationist, Bible-believing Christians who only parrot what they were told by someone else. I want EVERYONE to do the legwork for whatever it is they believe in. That is what I am getting at in my blog. Read the articles for yourself (that’s why I post the citations and links) and form your own opinion from the data. It’s MY blog so I feel I have the privilege of putting my own analysis in there for readers’ consideration. Don’t agree? Fine. Stop reading it or get your own blog. God bless America.

  3. Having only now read the post by Sean Bent, and the Rob Lester response, I concur with the observation that articles are “biased.”

    Everything has “bias” associated with it. Why? Because the author and the reader have different experiences, thus, bias is included in the reading and writing of ANY material. Yes, even the Bible. What? Is that in any way being hypocritical? The Bible is biased? Biased yes, hypocritical NO.

    Simply because the Bible is “biased” toward exposing the sin of mankind and the clearly spelling out the need for redemption does NOT make it false or hypocritical.

    Indeed, citing sources is very important and valuable – God “cites” His sources through archaeology – and His Word has been “proven” to be true in every new discovery! May there be many more FACTS to glean through discovery of the truth!

  4. I have addressed this on other posts but I will again here for clarity. I use “evolution” as a counterpoint to special creation. It is not perfect, but it is useful for the layman (of which I consider myself one). I also use the term “Darwinist” to distinguish between atheistic evolutionists and Christians who believe in long ages of time (AKA “theistic evolutionists). All of these terms seem to offend at least some of the readers. I apologize for that, but if I cannot speak in generalities I cannot communicate. These are the usages I have settled upon for this blog, right or wrong.

  5. I have just discovered your site.
    Have you read “God Arises”? I’m reading it at the moment. I’m sure you will find it very interesting.

    • Sabine,
      Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment. I have not read this book but I am interested to see how Muslims view creation. God bless!

  6. Hi Rob, As a follower of Christ, I agree that God’s word is infallible. I stumbled upon your site while teaching my 4yr old about Orions belt. Do what you are doing and if anyone needs validation on topics then the web is an open book. If you find opposition, it is a clear indication that you are on the right path! God Bless you and your ministry!

    • Thank you for visiting the blog! It made my day to hear you were teaching your young child about God’s marvelous creation. I’m glad to be a part of that. I appreciate your encouraging words. May the Lord bless you.

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