Posted by: Rob Lester | January 17, 2011

The Inflation Theory is hot air

If the Big Bang theory is true, it presents some major problems regarding the composition and expansion of the universe. These problems consist of such things as the Monopole Problem, the Flat Problem, and the Horizon Problem. Permit me to summarize. The universe began from nothing, which then exploded. That’s right. “Nothing” exploded. But it didn’t explode equally in all directions as we would expect it to. It continues to flatten out like pancake batter dropped on a griddle. The universe is also at a fairly consistent temperature which, if it exploded normally, it wouldn’t be.  Astrophysicists have attempted to solve these (and many other) problems with yet another theory: Inflation. Again, if I may paraphrase, inflation states that the Big Bang exploded but almost immediately after starting to explode, it exploded even bigger, faster, and in a very special way, THEN very quickly went back to “regular” exploding. Wikipedia describes it this way: It lasted from 10−36 seconds after the Big Bang to sometime between 10−33 and 10−32 seconds.”  In  other words, nearly instantaneously. The evidence for this theory? None. The reason the Inflationary Theory is necessary? The Big Bang can’t be true without it! That is a self-serving and circular argument. Atheist astrophysicists wave a magic wand of a theory to make their problems disappear but laugh at those who believe in a Creator God. The evidence for the existence of God is in every atom in the universe.



  1. […] see this as a way to fit the Big Bang into the Bible, but that generates numerous problems (see ). The real lesson here is that true science continues to confirm what we already KNOW from the […]

  2. Rididulous! This article demonstrates that the author understands nothing about the Big Bang. There was no explosion and you show that you completely lack understanding of the Inflation theory. Inflation theory does not state as you say “Big Bang exploded but almost immediately after starting to explode, it exploded even bigger, faster, and in a very special way, THEN very quickly went back to “regular” exploding.” The universe never exhibits any characteristics of an explosion. Explosion and inflation are two COMPLETELY different things! The Inflation theory actually states that a phase transition caused cosmic inflation, and never states an explosion occurred. Do your research without a bias and understand what you’re researching please.

    • Bob,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I freely admitted in the article that I was speaking in very simplistic terms. If I am misunderstanding the Big Bang then it is directly because of misinformation from old-earth cosmologists that I have been force-fed since elementary school. I agree with you that there never was an explosion. Since you seem to be a stickler for accuracy, I hope you will be leading the charge to correct the deliberately misleading term “Big Bang” and replace it with something more accurate like the “Big Inflation.” Forgive me for attempting to have fun with my blog (which you found ridiculous) but I find Big Bang cosmology to be quite ridiculous and worthy of satire. Thanks again for the comment and I hope you will keep reading. God bless!

  3. Sorry for being a little rude though. I get irritated about this stuff, so I apologize for any offense I may have caused that was unprofessional.

    • Bob,
      I understand the passion. How boring it would be if everyone agreed!

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